Choose Your Own Adventure!

It's Time To Pick Your Path.

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Adventure 1: Get The Gold Pass (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)
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Our highest recommended path is upgrading your FourPercent account to ‘Gold’.

As you’ve already learned, Vick has years of powerfully successful experience and wisdom within the entrepreneurial and online marketing industries.

FourPercent Gold allows you to tap into his expertise and $30K+ worth of trainings.

So, if you are the serious entrepreneur and business builder we know you are...

...this is the path for you!

Here is just some of what Vick’s coaching includes: trainings on mindset, entrepreneurship, generating traffic to your offers, how to collaborate with other partners, learning how to build your own online business presence that's yours to control, and much more.

On top of this, you get Estage Gold, you need this to get started building your own online business.

You will use Estage to setup your own Wealth Autopilot system, along with our teams follow up series.

Selecting the "GO GOLD HERE" button below will bring you to the FourPercent Gold Membership signup page.

Once you have picked up your FourPercent Gold membership, come back here.

Click on the "NEXT: PICK YOUR BRAND" button at the bottom of this page.

Then, continue the setup steps to get your business rolling!

If you don’t have the entrepreneurial funds to invest in FourPercent Gold just yet, there are still successful options for you... go to "Adventure 2: Ask For A "Guide"" step below.

Adventure 2: Ask For A “Guide”
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If you don’t have the entrepreneurial funds to invest in FourPercent Gold just yet - then we recommend you get back with the person who invited you to 7k Metals and the Wealth Autopilot system.

If they have their own FourPercent Gold account, they can help set up your business in their own Estage platform for free.

This will allow you to begin building your online business and drive traffic to your Wealth Autopilot system. This is a temporary solution while you save up to invest back in your business and go FourPercent Gold.

Get back to who brought you here and ask if they can help set you up. If not, we can still help you!

Go to "Adventure 3: Hire A "Guide"" step below.

Adventure 3: Hire A “Guide”
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If you were not able to get someone to help set up your business on their Estage account...

Although our service should be your last resort for setup, our team has got you!

The cost is a one-time $100 and $97/month for site hosting thereafter.

This option was solely designed to allow you to build your online business and begin driving traffic to your Wealth Autopilot system. This is also a temporary solution while you save up to invest back in your business and go FourPercent Gold.

Once you go GOLD, everything that we’ve created for you will then simply be handed right back into your full control on your own Estage account :)

Click the "Have Us Set You Up" button below to get your Wealth Autopilot system set up for you by our team.

Adventure 4: The 7k Wealth Systems App
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Last but not least, this is your free version of getting started.

However, the Wealth Autopilot system and our team follow up series cannot be implemented with this option.

7k Metals has provided the 7k Wealth Systems App. This app is full of tools and resources such as: coaching on how to create, share, and connect your 7k Metals business with others, videos to pique the interest of prospects, daily business building activities, and even self motivation courses.

Through 7k's Wealth Systems App, you'll go through onboarding training that does an incredible job teaching the necessary skills to help you get started building your business utilizing the app.

The 2 buttons below bring you to the direct link to download 7k Metals Wealth Systems App via IOS or Android.

NOTE: Make sure to go to your training center in 7k Metals and go through the "Maximizing the 7k Wealth Systems App" Course. We do not have a team training on this app since 7k Metals does such a fantastic job teaching it!


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