Email Follow up Setup!

The Fortune Is In The Follow Up.

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Step 1) Get Your AWeber Account

AWeber is what powers your email automated follow up series.

We have built out 60+ Days worth of follow up for you. There are only a few simple steps needed to activate your personal follow up series.

AWeber's FREE account allows you to have up to 500 email subscribers at no cost to you.

Go here for AWeber's How Do I Get Started Guide?

Step 2) Import Follow Up Series
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Legacy Builders Alliance Team Resources

Make sure to save the Resource page and password below to access the page at future times. Here is the password: LBATR7777

AWeber Follow Up Series Share Code: dd205462-bb86-473f-91c1-2b792c65d40f

Global Text Snippets:

Your Name Snippet = Your Name Here

'WA_Opportunity' Snippet =

'Actual Money' Snippet =

'Wealth Strategies' Snippet =

'Why 7K' Snippet =

'Get Paid To Share' Snippet =

'Chocolate Money' Snippet =

'7K Product Testimonials' Snippet =

'Lifestyle Income Testimonial' Snippet =

'1 Million Mistake' Snippet =

'Sound Money Wallet' Snippet =

'7K Testimonials' Snippet =

'7K Founders Round Table' Snippet =

Your Phone Number Snippet = Your Phone Number Here

'WA Presentation Join' Snippet =

'WA_System' Snippet =

'Personal Welcome Video' Snippet =

'WA_Welcome' Snippet =

'WA_Product' Snippet =

Step 3) Link AWeber to WA Presentation 
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Need more help?

Contact AWeber Support Here:

NOTE: If you watched the video above and AWeber setup looks different, then they may have updated and changed their platform.

Step 4) Final Email Setup Steps
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Double optin message Setup:

Step 1) Click on the "Request a custom subject line" then copy and paste the following text into the request box:

“ Response required: {!firstname_fix}, Thank you for requesting more information ”

Step 2) Copy the following to paste in the "Header" text box:

“ {!firstname_fix}, Before we can send you more info on how to build & protect your wealth with gold & silver, we need to confirm you're a real person who wants to receive more information from us.

If you are a real person 😂 , do so by clicking the button below ”

Step 3) Change "Button Text" to: "Confirm My Email"

Step 4) Copy the following to paste in the "Signature" text box:

“ If you're an evil robot sent out to destroy humanity, sorry, we can't help you. 🙈😂

{!signature} “

Step 5) Scroll down to the bottom and SAVE

DON'T FORGET!!! “Activate” your Campaign by turning ‘Draft’ mode into “Activate”


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